Complaint Redressal & Report Abuse

If you have any complaint with regards to published content, you may send an email to To report the violation of terms of services, please send an email at You may also review more specific application of terms of service under user Disclaimer & Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

If your described issue is not a violation of the Terms of Service, you will receive information on why I cannot assist you. If your described issue is likely to be a violation of the Terms of Service, it will be investigated to determine what action, if any, can be taken.

Deliberately sending/ submitting a report of an issue which is clearly outlined as not violating the Terms of Service will not change the outcome of your complaint. If I believe you have knowingly submitted a report which does not contain any violations, I will close your inquiry/ application without response.

Please be aware that all reports must be submitted by an individual who is directly affected by the content being reported, or someone legally authorized to act on their behalf.
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