Chinese War Game Plan: Terrain model exposes Dragons War Game preparedness

Shailesh kumar
New Delhi
In a strange strategic move China has replicated the whole of Aksai Chin and a large part of disputed Indo-China border on an area not lesser than 6 cricket fields thousands of kilometers away from its original location in Huanyangton village near Yinchuan in Ningxia autonomous region in northern China. A military unit with artillery firing range is also attached to this terrain model. The satellite images obtained from free Google- Earth suggests that china is training its PLA troops on a large scale beyond any military commander’s imagination.

What China has planned while replicating the whole mountains, valleys and water bodies of disputed area puts a question mark on China’s intension towards India. Why would China take pain of taking the whole region to 2400 kilometers away from ots original location? The satellite images show that the China has replicated around 1,57,500 Km area on a map scale of 900x700 meters. This is about 500:1 ratio.

Most strange is that a military unit is attached to it as well. This shows that it is the sand model of Aksai Chin and disputed border, built to train Peoples Liberation Army’s (PLA) personnel. The training is not at a platoon or brigade level but seems to be at regiment level. In modern days the training could be given on computer simulation but what provoke China to replicate such a vast area. Probably China wants its troops to have perception about the world’s most tough terrain so that in case of conflict situation with India, its troops can overcome any obstacle.

This is not just a war replica of Aksai Chin, which is already in possession with China after 1962 war but a firing range attached in the military unit. The military unit has barracks, thousands of trucks, artillery firing range, fuel tanks, microwave communication tower etc. The water bodies are exactly replicated shows that Chinese troops are also trained in amphibious warfare. Mountain and valleys are created in altitude means the troops and pilots should have perception management before any hostility. The military commanders take help of sand models all across the world so as in India too. But the terrain model is just of few meters rendering battlefield perception at a platoon level only. The only known reference before it is the Area 51 of United States’ Air force test and training of experimental aircraft and weapon system in Nevada.

So what China is considering against India? Is China preparing for a war like situation for offensive operation or a defensive plan meant to hold back Aksai Chin from India? Certainly the dragon’s war game plan is not for defense of Aksai Chin as the replicated map contains areas deep inside Indian territories.

If we go by the recent advances by Chinese against India, it shows China is provoking India. The instances like Chinese intrusion into Indian territory, rock paintings by PLA into Indian area, dropping of food items by Chinese helicopters, Chinese objection to Prime Minister Manmohan’s Arunachal Pradesh visit, Dalai Lama’s Tawang visit, issuing of visa to Kashmiris on separate sheet of paper, building of 27 airstrips in Tibet besides deployment of strategic missile defence force consisting of ICBMs and the last not the least is the stopping of a 8 km road construction project in Indian controlled Demchok of Ladakh shows Chinese wants to maintain a hostile situation instead of solving the border dispute by peaceful negotiations. Chinese wants to engage India in petty issues while they prepare for war on a large scale. The terrain model of Aksai Chin compliments recent Chinese military exercise Stride-2009 in which over 60,000 troops participated from four military regions followed by show of military strength on 60 anniversary of foundation of Peoples Republic of China.
These developments are nothing but the showcase of rhetoric of Mao Zedong, an imperialistic philosopher of Chinese Maoism. The Chinese leader emphasized that hide your capabilities until you become the leader. The Chinese think that now they have become powerful leaders. So, it’s a time to show the world Chinese Supremacy. The Stride-2009 exercise and 60th anniversary military showcase exhibits the Chinese capabilities. And the expose in the form of terrain model or Aksai Chin replica brags about their preparedness. But are we India prepared to take on Chinese threat?

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