Dhanush Missile Launched Successfully

After Agni missile failed to qualify nighh test by army a few weeks back, DHANUSH Missile (a Naval Version of PRITHVI) has been successfully launched from INS Subhadra off Orissa Coast at 1135 hrs on 13 Dec 2009. DHANUSH Missile has reached the target at 350 km range with pin point accuracy. Two Naval Ships located near the target have tracked and witnessed the splash.
Radar Systems of ITR located along the coast have monitored the total trajectory and have confirmed all the parameters meeting the requirements. The DHANUSH Missile is a liquid propelled single stage system with a diameter of 1 metre and length of 10 metre weighing 6 Tons had already been inducted into the Indian Navy. This is part of the training exercise and was launched completely by Indian Navy. DRDO Scientists were present to oversee these operations.

Dr VK Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri & Director General of Dept of Defence R&D, Maj Gen PC Karbanda, Dy National Security Adviser and Rear Adm CS Patham Dy Commander-in-Chief of Strategic Forces Command witnessed the launch from same INS Subhadra Ship. Dr VK Saraswat congratulated the Indian Navy & DRDO Teams for the successful launch.

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