New Delhi
23 Jan 2010
The wars in ancient India were fought strictly in accordance with time honoured traditions. It commenced everyday at the appointed time in the morning which was indicated by sounding of counch shells, Turhi (an ancient wind instrument) and Nagaras (Huge Drums), by the opposing sides. The end of battle for the day was marked by Beating Retreat, by both the adversaries.

As soon as the Buglers sounded “RETREAT”, troops ceased fighting, sheathed their arms, paid homage to their comrades who had died in battle and withdrew from the battle field. The homage was paid by standing still. At Retreat, Colours and Standards were cased, flags were lowered, and the battle ended.

A total of 35 bands from the three services performed at the ceremony today at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. Out of these, 20 are Military Bands while 15 are of Pipes and Drums. Navy and Air Force will contribute four bands each, while the balance 27 bands shall be from the Army.
The arrival of the Honourable President of India will be sounded by fanfare comprising of trumpeters, 38 buglers and 38 Echo buglers, placed strategically along North and South Blocks, Vayu and Rail Bhawans.

This will be followed by playing of the tune of National Anthem and a tune ”Sam Bahadur”, composed by LB Gurung.

Thereafter, Army’s 15 Massed Pipes and Drums Bands will play a total of six tunes – ‘Surya’ a quick march tunes, ‘Sky Boat Song’ a slow march tune, ‘Pipers Cave’ a quick march, ‘The Marques of Huntley’ a strathspey tune, ‘Jock Wilsons’ a reel tune and ‘Highland Laddie’ a quick march tune.
After these tunes by Army’s Massed Pipes and Drums the Massed Military Bands of Air Force and Navy will play five tunes ‘Ocean’s Splendour, Bhartiya Nau Sena Sky Hawks, Swantatra Bharat ake Shaan, Nocturnal Cry and Subroto’.

This will be followed by the massed military bands of the Indian Army playing ‘Hanste Lushai, Gangotri, Abhinandan, Dhola re Dhola and Giuri Raj Song’. Thereafter, all the massed military bands will play the ‘Gulmarg’ and ‘Abide with me’- the eternally enchanting hymn, a favourite tune of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Sare Jahan se Achha’ penned by Iqbal shall follow.
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