Sl No.
Fly Past
Name of Formation Leader/ Deputy Leader
4 x MI-17 IV in inverted Y Formation
(a) The leading helicopter will troop the National Flag.
(b) No. 2 Helicopter behind No. 1 Helicopter will be trooping the Army Flag.
(c) No. 3 & 4 helicopters will troop the Navy and Air Force flags and shower flower petals on the audience seated below.
Wg Cdr Amit Kumar Bhutani
Wg Cdr Sudeep Rajan
Wg Cdr Manoj Vats
Wg Cdr Pankaj Bajaj

Three helicopters (ALH) of Army Aviation Corps in Victory formation.
Col Vijay Chandrachud
Lt Col Shatanjali Joshi
Maj Rajesh Gulati

One IL-78, two AN-32 and two Dornier in Big Boy formation
Gp Capt GC Mishra
Sqn Ldr AS Punia
Wg Cdr MK Roy
Wg Cdr JP Raju
Sqn Ldr KS Gupta

One AWACS and two SU-30 MKI in Sentry formation
Wg Cdr P Nainwal
Wg Cdr Sundermani Krishnan
Sqn Ldr Daler Singh Billing

5 x Jaguar aircraft in arrowhead formation
Wg Cdr Maluk Singh
Wg Cdr R Aggarwal
Sqn Ldr RD Jagtap
Sqn Ldr AK Singh
Sqn Ldr Rohit Kadyan

5 x MiG 29 aircraft arrowhead formation
Wg Cdr Vikas Sharma
Wg Cdr BN Athreya
Sqn Ldr Prabhat Malik
Sqn Ldr Ajay Rathi
Sqn Ldr DS Tomar

3 x SU-30 MKI aircraft in Trishul formation. The centre SU-30 will perform Vertical Charlie while the flank aircraft will perform Trishul maneuver.
Wg Cdr Amit Vij
Sqn Ldr Kamla Chadha
Sqn Ldr SL Mahajan
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