Narasimha Rao Never Wanted Babri Structure To Be Demolished

Shailesh Kumar
06 December 2014

Former PM PV Narasimha Rao
Photo Courtesy: Rediff
PV Narasimha Rao, who was the Prime Minister of India when Babri Masjid was demolished, never wanted Babri structure to be demolished. PV Narasimha Rao and his cabinet colleague the then Union Home Minister, SB Chavan, were so concerned about Babri Masjid that both of them had written hundreds of letter during the last one year prior to the Babri demolition to the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kalyan Singh, warning about possibilities of Karsevak harming Babri structure. The communication which sought Kalyan Singh Government to deploy 133 coys of Central Paramilitary Forces sent by the Central Government to be deployed to protect the structure. The communication in the form of letters and telegrams grew stronger and frequent as 06th December 1992 approached. The exclusive copy of letters and telegrams accessed by me clearly suggest that it was Chief Minister Kalyan Singh, who compromised the safety and sanctity of Babri masjid. Let aside warnings and requests of Prime Minister Rao and his Home Minister Chavan, Kalyan Singh ignored and rebuked his own Prinicple Secretary (Home) Prabhat Kumar when he sternly warned Singh about the danger to Babri masjid and requested to deploy Central Paramilitary Force even just a day before the Babri demolition.

Letter Written by the then
Union Minister SB Chavan
to Kalyan Singh (Exclusive)
On 10th January 1992, the then Union Home Minister SB Chavan wrote a letter to Kalyan Singh: “Kindly refer to my D.O. No.II-14034/28/91-IS.DV dated 26th December 1991 conveying Central Government’s concern regarding the security of Ram Janm Bhoomi- Babri Masjid structure and the need to strengthen the arrangements for this purpose”. He sites communication between Union Home Secretary and Principle Secretary Home regarding infringement of some security arrangement expressing his anxiety. “I am grateful to the State Government for its assurance that it is fully committed to the protection of the complex. However, in view of the foregoing, I would again urge you to kindly take all further necessary steps to fortify and strengthen the security arrangement, including restoration of earlier barricades, so that the Ram Janm Bhoomi- Babri Masjid structure is fully protected under any circumstances”, concludes SB Chavan in this letter.

SB Chavan, the then Union Home Minsiter, again writes to UP CM Kalyan Singh on 23rd March 1992 drawing his attention to the demolition of certain structures standing on the land acquired by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in October 1991 in the RJM-BM Complex. “There is also a feeling that the action taken by the State Government violates the spirit of the orders of the High Court and the Supreme Court relating to these disputes and the assurance given by you in the meeting of National Integration Council on 2nd November 1991”, Chavan adds.

“I would like also like to mention the apprehension that the digging undertaken recently near the RJB-BM structure, in the course of levelling the ground is likely to endanger the structure itself”. You will appreciate that if the structure suffers and damage as a result of such action, it will have serious and widespread repercussions”, Union Home Minister warned UP CM vide a letter dated 29th May 1992.

Letter Written by the then
UP CM Kalyan Singh to the then
PM PV Narasimha Rao 
 It was vide a letter dated 9th July 1992 that Chavan placed his serious concerns on the reports about the start of construction work at and around the Shila Nyas site. “For this purpose, material and machinery have been assembled and preparations are being made for laying of concrete on the dug up area which would act as the base for constructing the pillars of the proposed temple at the Shila Nyas site. Dismantling of the old police control room is also in progress”… “It is understood that about 7000 people have collected at the RJB-BM complex. Meanwhile, representative of various organizations continue to reiterate their plans for construction of the proposed temple…”, “The Central Reserve Police Force authorities have expressed concern on this point and have expressed the view that the police force deployed at the site may not be adequate to meet difficult contingencies”, SB Chavan warned while maintaining that safety of the structure is responsibility of the State Government.

In a letter dated 29th October 1992, SB Chavan asked the UP CM to carry out a comprehensive security review and requested to include CRPF and Intelligence Bureau in this review. For the first time, SB Chavan raised apprehensions regarding Kar Seva on 6th December 1992 and statement of various leaders for call for struggle and confrontation if Kar Seva stopped besides the veiled threat to the structure. On 24th November 1992, Central Paramilitary Forces were being moved for being stationed at suitable locations in UP so as to available at a short notice if and when required by the State Government for deployment in connection with security of RJM-BM structure and maintenance of law and order in view of the call given by various organizations for commencement of Kar Seva in Ayodhya vide a letter singed by Anurag Goel, Joint Secretary (Police). SV Chavan vide letter dated 1st December 1992 has warned that 25,000 Kar Sevaks have already arrived in Ayodhya and requested for a security review including CPFs and IB officers in the team. SB Chavan vide letter dated 3rd December 1992 raised his concern of the heath hazards and epidemic in the wake of Kar Sevaks number exceeding 1 lakh by 4/5 December. On 3rd December 1992, Union Home Minister again wrote vide letter D.O.A. 92-Ay.II to UP CM Kalyan Singh telling him about the legal rights of Central Government to deploy Central Paramilitary Forces anywhere in the country. But the Central Government stationed CPFs only to avoid any communal tension leaving the decision of deployment on the discretion of the State Government.  

On 5th December 1992, SB Chavan wide letter no 81011/1/92 AY.II requested State Government to use Central Paramilitary Forces stationed in and around Ayodhya. “I understand only about 23 coys including 4 coys of the CRPS are currently deployed for the security arrangement in and around the RJB-BM complex. It is felt that this strength may not be sufficient to meet the security requirement especially if any untoward development takes place”.

Letter by UM Principle Secretary (Home)
to Kalyan Singh and notings by UP CM
Meanwhile Kalyan Singh also replied to Union Government assuring them about the security of RJB-BM Complex. The then UP CM Kalyan Singh vide letter number 02 dated 30th November addressed to the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao raised serious objection on the deployment of the Central Paramilitary Forces. He complaint that the CRPF is being moved without any demand or consent of the State Government and sited that the move infringe on the right of the state. In his letter number C-44 dated 2nd December 1992, Kalyan Singh assured that the State Government is fully committed for the security of the RJB-BM complex and there is no need to send central paramilitary force companies any further.

Kalyan Singh have all along been assuring the Central Government about the safety and security of the RJB-BM Complex. He owned up the responsibility for safety also but constantly refused to use Central Paramilitary Forces and infact reprimanded PV Narasimha Rao for sending Central Forces. He seems intentionally ignored the warnings from Central Government and also from his own Principle Secretary (Home) while rebuking him. After the demolition, Kalyan Singh instructed him to make sure that Kar Sevaks are not hurt and killed.
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