Biggest ISI Espionage Ring Busted In India

Kafaitulla Khan @ Master Raja, 
Pakistan's ISI operative
Shailesh Kumar, New Delhi 

Delhi Police Crime Branch has busted yet another espionage ring by arresting Kafaitullah Khan and Abdul Rasheed, both operatives of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The latest arrest includes one handler of Pakistan intelligence operative and one serving security personnel of BSF. Only two days back STF in Meerut arrested another ISI agent Mohammad Aijaz @ Mohd Kalam. Following his interrogation, Kolkata Special Task Force on 29th November has also arrested a contract labourer, Irshad Ansari (51), his son Asfaq Ansari (23) and their relative Mohammad Jahangir on suspicion of alleged links with Pakistan’s Inter -Services Intelligence (ISI). Earlier, STF of Kolkata Police had arrested two brothers Akhtar Khan and Zafar Khan on 14th and 16th of this month respectively. It is yet not clear if all these ISI agents are part of the same spy ring operating in India at the behest of their handlers based in Islamabad, Pakistan. But one connection among all these secret ISI operatives is very clear that these agents were particularly focusing to seek and sneak out confidential information related to Infrastructure and Operations of Indian Armed Forces.

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan
A team of Crime Branch led by DCP Bhisham Singh and under overall supervision of Alok Kumar,  Addl. CP (Crime), have arrested a handler of Pakistan Intelligence Operative (PIO) and one serving officer of Border Security Force (BSF). 

Kafaitullah Khan @ Master Raja (aged 44 yrs) S/o Qudrat Ullah R/o Village- Kalai, PS- Manjakote, District- Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir is the handler of PIO having contacts in different security agencies through which he was procuring secret/confidential information detrimental for the security of the country.  Abdul Rasheed, Head Constable in BSF posted in the Intelligence Wing of Border Security Force (BSF), in Rajouri is one of the main source of the Kafaitulla Khan, the ISI handler.  Both of them have been arrested under the provisions of Official Secret Act.

According to sources, secret input was received about the ongoing anti-national activities sponsored by Pakistan Intelligence Operative, which have a network spread over the civilian handlers and the security forces personnel. Looking into the gravity of the matter, the information was developed and few persons involved in the network were identified.  On 26 November 2015, one of the handler Kafaitullah Khan had boarded a train from Jammu for Bhopal.  He was apprehended at the railway station and from his search few documents having implication on national security were recovered.  He was arrested under appropriate section.

He disclosed that he is working as Library Assistant at Higher Secondary School, Manjakote.  In the year 2013, he had visited Pakistan.  During his stay there, he came in contact with ISI agent and in lieu of monetary considerations he agreed to provide the secret information of the defence forces.  For this purpose, he cultivated his sources in Army and BSF and they started passing on the information to PIO. 

The secret information was passed through e-mail, whatsapp and viber.  He was given specific tasks by the PIO, which were mainly concerning with the deployment of security forces and Air Force Operations.  He was already in touch with Abdul Rasheed, who is his relative.  He lured Abdul Rasheed to give the sensitive information.  Kafaitullah Khan was taken in police custody and a team was sent to Rajouri to arrest his accomplice. A search has been conducted at the premises of Kafaitullah Khan and Abdul Rasheed, which had led to recovery of important documents.  More arrests are likely as this is certainly bigger ring.

Mohammad Aijaz @ Ezaz @ Eijaz @ Mohd Kalam, ISI agent
It is not yet clear if Delhi police has secured the information leading to these arrests from UP STF, which has arrested Mohammad Kalam @ Mohammad Aijaz from Meerut Cantt, another ISI agent who is a Pakistani national.

It is interesting to note that in Kolkata, the Special Task Force has arrested a contract labourer, Irshad Ansari (51), his son Asfaq Ansari (23) and their relative Mohammad Jahangir on suspicion of alleged links to with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). All arrests were made today itself from Dr Sudhir Bose Road under Iqbalpur police station in Kolkata. Irshad Ansari works as a contract labourer with Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited (GRSE).

According to sources, a hand-drawn map of the GRSE and the Netaji Subhas Dock were also seized from Irshad who has been working with the warship building company for a substantial period. Police is checking what his intentions were or whether he had passed on the maps of any other sensitive area to the Pakistani agency.

Kolkata police has also recovered Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) 3.5 lakh from the possession of Irshad and his son, besides recovering several documents revealing their links to the ISI.

These arrests could be a follow up of arrests made by Delhi police. However, this information can not be confirmed by authentic sources.

Mohammad Aijaz @ Mohammad Kalam is sonof Mohammad Ishaq, resident of  Taramandi Chowk in Irfanabad area of Islamabad had an Saleem,an ISI Major as his handler.
Mohammad Aijaz was arrested from Meerut Cantonment area while on his way to Delhi. Police had recovered several documents related to the Indian Army, mobile phone, pen drives, laptop, a fake voter identity card from West Bengal, a fake Aadhaar card with a Bareilly address, a photocopy of Nadar Card (Pakistani identity card) and other items from his possession.

During interrogation, Aijaz revealed that he had come in contact with the ISI in 2012. He received training by ISI in Islamabad. He was tasked to send information about the Army from western UP and Uttarakhand. UP STF had arrested Aijaz on a tip off that a Pakistani had been sent to western UP through Bangladesh to collect information about activities of the Army.  The tip off specifically mentioned that Aijaz will leave for Delhi from Meerut Cantonment station with sensitive and secret information of the Army.

Aizaz had been paid Rs 5.8 lakh till date and his family was paid Rs 50,000 per month in Pakistan by the ISI.

While staying in Kolkata, Aizaz came in contact with one Rahees, who introduced him to one Asma, a resident of Arrah district in Bihar. He married to Asma and presented himself as an orphan. In Kolkata, Aizaz was into photography and videography business with Rahees. He stayed with Asma for two months and later shifted to Bareilly in December, 2014. In Bareilly, Eizaz used alias as Kalam. He again started again doing photography and videography and through a local, Eizaz arranged a fake Aadhaar card with Kalam’s name and a Bareilly address.

While staying in Bareilly, Aijaz collected information about the movement of troops stationed in Bareilly and Uttarakhand. He also shot video of emergency landing of Mirage fighter jet of the Air Force on the Agra-Yamuna Expressway. Information related to Trishul airbase, located in Izzatnagar in Bareli was found on Ejaz'a encrypted laptop. A marked map of army installations in the district was also recovered. Sukhoi aircrafts are stationed in underground hangars in Bareilly Air Base.

Akhtar Khan, ISI agent
Earlier, the Kolkata Special Task Force (STF) arrested one Zafar Khan on 16th November on suspicion of being an ISI agent. Zafar Khan was the brother of Akhtar Khan, who was arrested by the police on charges of spying for Pakistan’s ISI.

Akhtar was in Pakistan for over 20 years and returned to India in 2008. Akhtar Khan alias Raju was intercepted and arrested at Colootola in Central Kolkata on on 14th November with fake currency or 1,72,500 and several passports of different nations. He was frequently travelling to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

Now with these conspicuous arrests, the nefarious covert espionage operations of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI are exposed. It is clear from these arrests that ISI had tried to lure vulnerable muslim men into it's net to get national security network secret information. In coming days, there could be more arrests but it would be interesting to see how wide is the web of ISI secret operatives.  
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