Indian Air Force Conducts Network-centric Exercise "Livewire"

The IAF is in the midst of Exercise Livewire. The exercise has been planned to validate the IAF’s operational philosophy as well as to assist the young generation of air warriors in honing their skills in a near-wartime scenario. Missions flown till date have placed emphasis on joint operations with the Indian Army and Navy. Integrating service elements to provide a better understanding of interoperability forms an important part of training. In addition to air operations, ground defence is also being practised.  

Updation of security around frontline bases is an ongoing process and this too is being put to test during the exercise. This exercise would assist in enhancing operational capability of the IAF as a whole. Almost all types of existing air assets of the IAF are being exercised.   

       The Indian Air Force has commenced its annual exercise, Exercise Livewire, on 31 October 2015. The exercise involves utilization of air assets of all types available with the IAF. The aim of the exercise is to validate the full spectrum of IAF capability in undertaking operations in response to likely future threats and operational contingencies, and also to exercise its latest acquisitions effectively in a network centric environment. The latest operational concepts and preparedness would be checked out.

During such exercises, exposure is also given to the young generation of air warriors in honing their skills. Along with operational requirements, maintenance as well as administrative requirements would also be tested in as close to the likely real-time scenario as possible. Communications, net centric warfare operations and reconnaissance capabilities would be checked. Joint operations with Indian Army and Navy would be practised on realistic targets, so as to synergise the Op capability of all the three Services. Liaison with Airports Authority of India has been ensured for de-confliction with civil air traffic during the exercise.
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