DAC Approves Proposal To Buy Russian S-400 Triumf Air Missile Defence System

Shailesh Kumar
New Delhi
Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), chaired by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today cleared proposal to purchase 5 firing units of much coveted Russian S-400 Triumf Missiles besides approval for following procurements for enhancing national security and boosting 'Make In India' programme of Prime Minister Modi in Defence Sector.

1. India is to acquire Six (6) regiments of Pinaka missiles under Make In India programme. An outlay of Rs 14,600 crores under AON (Aceptance of Necessity) TPCL, L&T and BEML identified to provide all vehicles. DRDO has been urged to contiNue improvement of Pinaka system to meet future requirements. Pinaka is identified as potent weapon system.

2. Procurement of 571 Light Bulletproof Vehicles in 310 crores under Make In India Programme under Acceptance of Necessity.
Mahindra is likely to provide. The light bullet proof vehicles will be used in Counter Insurgency (CI) and Counter Terrorism (CT) operations. Indian Army is currently using Mahindra jeeps.

3. India is to procure 120 Trawls. An outlay of Rs. 450 crore is earmarked. The TraWLS will be purchaged under Global RFP possibly from Russia. DRDO is tasked to field 4 sets of indigenous trawls by June 2017.

4. Indian Government is to procure 5 Fleet Support Ships in 9000 crores under Make In India Programme. The deal was also cleared in July 2013. HSL is nominated under Make In India. The ship will have workshops on board.

5. Ministry of Defence is to procure 24 Pechora Air Defence Missiles under buy and Make in India programme. Digitization of 16 systems was approved in last DAC. Now 8 units more will be digitized. This will cost Rs 1200 crores.

6. India to buy 5 units of Rsussian S-400 Triumf missiles Air Defence System under buy global. The price will be negotiated during the procurement. The missiles will be used to enhance Air Defence Capabilities. The missiles would help warding off long range threats.

7. India to but Electronic Warfare Systems (EWS) for mountains. An outlay of Rs 425 crore is fixed. It is meant for interception. DRDO will be asked to work on the programme.

In total DAC today has approved an outlay of Rs 25,535 crores for procurement through Make In India route; 450 Crores through global route while the price of S-400 Triumf missile defence system would be negotiated during procurement.

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