China Military Worries of Red Flag Exercise As IAF Confirms Participation?

Shailesh Kumar
New Delhi
For 15 days in April- May 2016, the sky over Alaska would be teared with thunders of Indian fighter jets. The blue sky would be streaked with sonic booms. High in the Alaska sky, fighters would swirl in scenic dog fights. Scream of Indian and American fighter jets would emit waves enough to rupture the Chinese eardrums. Twisting and turning maneuvers of attack aircraft, fighter jets and bombers would blur the Chinese vision, confuse the Chinese military mind and disorient the Chinese strategists- that would be the impact of exercise Red Flag.

However, not meant for Chinese, Red Flag can flag up Chinese concerns of Indian American growing relationship. Despite no formal strategic alliance, India- America joint exercise with participation of NATO countries sends signals of strategic balance to China and Pakistan. China off late developing a forward military base in South China sea and Bab-el-Mandeb in Djibouti to ward off its Malacca dilemma.
Indian frontline fighters Su-30 mki, Jaguars transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster and mid air refuelers IL-78 are participating in the coveted exercise. Simulated warfare scenarios would lend Indian fighter pilots to test their skills with the top guns. Blue Force would fight the Red Force while White Force, the air command centre would evaluate their kill ratio. Special combat missions sorties would involve air interdiction, combat search and rescue, close air support, dynamic targeting and defensive counter measures testing fighter pilots survival instincts.

Flying over a distance of 1900 kilometers with fighters, bombers, transporters would cost Indian Air Force over 100 crores but worth spending. Indian fighters would learn tactics and war games with the latest avionics, network centric equipment and technology of top fighters like F-22 raptor and F-35. Indulging in dog fight with top guns is worth rewarding while it balances Indian strategy to tackle China and Pakistan.
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