North Korea Claims To Have Successfully Conducted Nuclear Test

Google Earth Image of  North Korea's Punggye-ri 
nuclear test site where the 4th hydrogen bomb 
explosion was also said to be conducted underground
Shailesh Kumar
New Delhi
North Korea in a broadcast on Korean Central Television (KCTV) has claimed that it has successfully conducted nuclear test today.

The announcement follows earthquake tremors felt in nearby Japan also. Japan spokesperson quoted saying that the earthquake could be because of nuclear test.

This is fourth nuclear test that DPRK (North Korea) conducted. Punggy e- ri is considered to be the nuclear test site as North Korea conducts tests at this site previously.

State media reported a 5.1 magnitude quake close to the Punggye-ri site following the test explosion. North Korea's nuclear program came to light when North Korea conducted its first nuclear test in year 2006.

DPRK's first nuclear bomb tested on 9th October 2006 was termed as a fizzle. Second test was conducted on 25th May same year. The third nuclear test was on 25th February 2013. All tests including today's were underground test at Punggye-ri test site.

North Korea's supreme commander, Kim Jong Un, in his new year address to the countrymen had criticized US and South Korea alliance and blamed both for turning the peninsula into nuclear hot bed.

"It is fundamental to realizing the country’s reunification to prevent the danger of war and safeguard peace and security in the Korean peninsula. Today the peninsula has become the hottest spot in the world and a hotbed of nuclear war owing to the US aggressive strategy for the domination of Asia and its reckless moves for a war against the DPRK", said Kim Jong Un in his address.
North Korea seems to have planned nuclear test in advance and prepared itself to defend against the criticism. To justify the nuclear tests in future, Kim Jong Un, who is also the first chairman of National Defence Commission prepared the background well in advance. He created havoc of nuclear war against the country.

Kin Jong Un on 1st January said, "The US and south Korean war maniacs are conducting large-scale military exercises aimed at a nuclear war against the DPRK one after another every year; this is precipitating a critical situation in the Korean peninsula and throwing serious obstacles in the way of improving inter-Korean relations. Last year’s August emergency showed that even a trifling, incidental conflict between the north and the south may spark a war and escalate into an all-out war".

With the fourth nuclear test, whose tremors were felt in Japan, USA and even in China, North Korea reportedly claimed that "it has now become the nuclear state which also holds the hydrogen bomb". The fourth test proves that Kim Jung Un possesses more destructive powers now and North Korea is serious about its nuclear program. 

"It is not something good for non-proliferation regime given the facts that so many nations are coming forward for nuclear security summit (NSS) 2016 where everybody is trying very hard to curb the menace of proliferation", says Dr. Reshmi Kazi, nuclear expert with Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA).

The credibility of the claim is yet to be verified. However, it could just be a belligerent posturing by North Korea or a signalling because there has not been any further confirmation by other nation as yet. However, an earthquake shakeup possibly a man made was reported by various geographical agencies.

"India is also geared towards non- proliferation even if we are not party to NPT but we support the objectives and spirit. It affects our cause as well. We will also representing ourselves in the nuclear security summit which is meant to enhance the global efforts for strengthening nuclear security and non-proliferation regime" adds Dr. Reshmi.

It a country like North Korea does a nuclear test, it waters down Indian efforts too. The fourth nuclear security summit is scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C. on 1st March - 1st April this year.

There have been substantial reports that North Korea did get assistance from Pakistan and China. So far as these test concerned, with regular assistance, the possibility of North Korea developing its own indigenous nuclear technology can not be ruled out.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani Nuclear Scientist earlier had acknowledged that he has secretly provided nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran and Libya. A.Q. Khan is the father of Pakistani Nuclear Bomb.China is blamed for transferring nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan.

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