Tibet's PM-in-Exile charges China of dam-building spree

Dr. Lobsang Sangay,
Prime Minister-in-exile of Tiber
New Delhi
Hoping that freedom would be restored to Tibet in the manner India gained its independence from mighty British empire, Dr Lobsang Sangay, Prime Minister-in-exile of Tibet charged China of going on dam-building spree affecting the life of people in Assam and northeast.

“Brahmaputra, which flows from Tibet, is the lifeline of Assam and obviously Bangladesh. The construction of dams and diversification of river waters by China have led to recession of water levels in the Brahmaputra. As a result, it will have a major implication on the livelihood of millions of people in Assam and Bangladesh,” Sikyong said.

Sensing growing interest on the Tibet issue among the people of Assam and the northeast, he said some Indian Security experts have told him that the infrastructure developed by China near the Indo-Tibetan border is of military standard, which means, China could transport military equipment to the border within a
short span of time.

“They are now bringing a railway line to Shigatse, with plans to connect till Nepal. A network of highways, a growing number of airports, and Beijing’s increasing militarisation of the plateau make China’s position in Tibet unassailable. All this infrastructure development in Tibet is cemented by a rash of urbanisation to be populated by migrant Chinese,” Sikyong said.

Acharya Kriplani Memorial Lecture on Tibet Crisis
and Role of Indian Leadership
Delivering the Acharya Kripalani Memorial Lecture on 'Tibet crisis and Role of Indian leadership' at Gandhi Peace Foundation here, he expressed optimism about the Tibetan movement, saying that a resolution to the Tibet issue is imminent.

Dr Subhash C Kashyap, Former Parliamentary Secretary of Lok Sabha, chaired the Lecture which included speakers including noted scholar and academician Prof Anand Kumar, and Pyare Mohan Tripati, Trustee of Acharya Kripalani Memorial Trust.

Kashyap assured of all possible help to the cause of Tibet people. On the occasion, a booklet was also released about the speeches given by Acharya Kriplani on Tibet.                       (PR)

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