China Showcases Its South China Sea Fleet In IFR-2016 off Visakhapatnam

PLAN Liuzhou led by commander Wang Kai
arrived in Visakhapatnam 
Shailesh Kumar,
New Delhi 07 February 2016
China has showcased its PLA Navy Liuzhou and PLAN Sanya, both guided missile destroyer frigates, in International Fleet Review-2016 hosted by Indian Navy off Visakhapatnam. The participating Chinese fleet is deployed in South China Sea, where a tug of war is going on over disputed territory and US, Japan and France sail ships under ‘Freedom of Navigation’, irking China. Before arriving in Visakhapatnam, both Chinese ships along with its supply ship PLAN Qinghaihu had naval war exercise with Srilanka and Bangladesh clearly an indication of its efforts to influence maritime countries in Indian Ocean Reason. Interestingly when President of India reviewed the International Fleet, Chinese warships showcased their naval might and technology along with the naval warships of United States of Amercia, France and Japan.  

The guided-missile frigates Liuzhou and Sanya of the Navy of Chinese People’s Liberation Army arrived in the outer port of Visakhapatnam at 16:00 on February 2, local time and anchored at the designated area. China is participating in International Fleet Review for the first time on the invitation of India Navy.

President of India reviewing International Fleet
in IFR-2016 off Visakhapatnam
Liuzhou Type 054A warship recently entered the South China Sea Fleet of China's PLA Navy, making it the sixth 054 warship in the area. PLAN Liuzhou is currently considered one of China's most advanced surface combat Type 054A vessels. It has a stealthy hull design with sloped surfaces and radar absorbent materials. Equipped with a medium-range air defense missile system, the vessel is capable of destroying air targets at a distance up to 50 km. The warship is led by Commander Wang Kai, Commanding Officer.  

Before arriving in Viazag, the 21st Chinese naval escort taskforce led by commanding officer Rear Admiral Yu Manjiang, completed its five-day port visit to Sri Lanka on January 21 and then conducted a joint maritime drill with the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in the open sea off the Colombo Port on the same day. After Srilanka visit the Chinese fleet moved to Bangladesh. The guided-missile frigate Liuzhou of the Chinese Navy conducted light communication with the frigate Bangabandhu of the Bangladesh Navy in a joint maritime drill held in the open waters off Chittagong, Bangladesh on January 31. Both warships participating in the drill engaged Bangabandhu and Osman and the patrol boat Durjoy of the Bangladesh Navy. The drill involved formation movement, replenishment position occupation and semaphore communications.

USS Mc Cambell
Generally when a fleet embarks on a foreign journey , it makes port calls with friendly countries. But in Chinese case, they had naval drills too. To contain Chinese influence on Srilanka, Indian aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya also sailed to Srilanka before arriving in Bay of Bengal grom West Coast sailing cross coast. Indian Navy started operating aircraft carrier barely 14 years after Indian independence and it is considered the mightiest of the Navies in Indian Ocean Region. IFR lends Indian Navy to showcase its naval might and also promote mutual confidence with other maritime nations.  

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