India To Confront Pakistan With Fresh Evidence Following David Colemen Headley's Deposition

Shailesh Kumar,
New Delhi, 08 February 2016
Government sources have told that India is to confront Pakistan with the fresh evidences provided by David Headley. India is mulling on sending a fresh dossier to Pakistan to nail the 26/11 masterminds. The evidences being given by Headley is admissible in Indian court and Pakistan can no longer say that India is short of evidences. As this evidence is not only more important than a evidence taken under section 164 CRPC but this is the terrorist approvers evidence which will corroborate the circumstantial evidences. Government sources added that it is time Pakistan stops being defiant and stop their sham investigation and be honest in booking the plotters of 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

Earlier, David Headley has made sensational revelations via video conferencing in a Mumbai court where the proceedings started sharp at 7:15 am. David Headley was connected via video conferencing to depose before special judge GA Sanap. Top cops of Mumbai Police were also present in Court.

Questions asked by Public Prosecutor Ujjawal Nikam from David Headley were in Q & A Format. Headley was asked by Ujwal Nikam to take oath following which David Headley had taken oath. Headley accepted that he speaks English, Hindi and Urdu.

Public Prosecutor Ujjawal Nikam in a press brief said that Headley had confessed in his deposition before the court to have shifted to Pakistan after his birth. On two occasions, he answered in Hindi. He informed the Indian Prosecutor that his original name was Dawood Gilani. To Come to India Sajid Mir had asked me to get a new passport in the name of David Headley to avoid detection. He told the court that on 15th February 2006, his name got changed to David Headley. In Pennsylvania, he applied for new passport to enter India on new name and identity. “I wanted to use American identity to enter India. I went to Pakistan after name change. I told my colleagues in Laskhar-e-Taiba (LeT) about it. Sajid Mir was happy to know that”, Headley reportedly told to the court during proceedings.

“Sajid Mir wanted me to go to India and setup business or office. He did not specify anything more, but before my first visit he had asked me to send general video of Mumbai City. I did not ask because I was follower of LeT and it was obvious. I got new passport on 10th March 2006. I visited India 8 times before the attacks, and 1 time after the attack to Delhi. Seven times I came from Pakistan (Karachi & Lahore) and once I came to India from UAE”, David Coleman Headley deposed before the special court.

“I submitted my visa application to council general of India in Chicago. I mentioned wrong info to protect my cover. Except my date of birth, my mother’s nationality and passport number, rest of all information was wrong. I got Visa for 5 Years”, David Headley, further deposed before the Indian Court.

Public Prosecutor Ujjawa Nikam
Headley confessed in his deposition that “two attempts were made to attack Mumbai earlier, first in September 2008 and second later on. But both the attempts were failed. In First attempt boat hit a rock, and second attempt too got failed. It was the same group of 10 People who attacked Mumbai on 26/11”.  Sajid Mir informed Headley about it.

“In 2002, I joined Lashkar in Muzaffarabad, Azad Pakistan. In 1999, I married to Faiza Gilani. Faiza is a resident of Morocco and studying in Pakistan. I was motivated by Hafiz Saeed ‘Sahib’ to join Lashkar. On 3rd October 2009, I was arrested by FBI on multiple charges of hatching criminal conspiracy.  LeT is a militant organisation to fight against Indian troops in Kashmir. Mr. Ali who works for ISI introduced me to Major Iqbal of Pak Army. I met Mr. Ali when I was arrested at Afghanistan border. He interrogated me then. I was accompanying Abdul Rehman Pasha, a retired major of Pak Army. I went to Afghan border to meet drug draler Zaib, who could have helped us to smuggle weapon to India”, Headley revealed in his latest confession.

“I had undergone 6 training Courses. ‘Daura-E-Sukha’, which is study camp, ‘Daura-E-aam’, which is primary military camp, ‘Daura-E-Khasa’, advanced training camp, Daura-e-Ribet, Intelligence collection training and ‘Leadership Traning’. Hafiz Saeed and Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi used to take classes. I was asked by Zaki not to go to fight against Indian Troops in Kasmir as I was too old for that. Later on he informed me through Sajid about Indian task”, David Colemen Headley deposed before the court. Ujjwal Nikam informed the reporter that the deposition will continue further tomorrow. 

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