Supreme Commander President Of India To Review The Naval Fleet In IFR-2016 Off Visakhapatnam

Presidential Yacht INS Sumitra (file photo)
Visakhapatnam, 05 February 2016
The most awe inspiring and awaited event of the entire IFR- the Fleet Review will be conducted on the morning of 06 February 16. Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces will be reviewing the Naval Fleet.  This will be the eleventh Fleet Review after Independence and the second one being conducted in India. 

After a 21-gun salute and the ceremonial Guard of Honour, the President embarked on the Presidential Yacht, INS Sumitra would sail through 70 ships at anchorage off Visakhapatnam. The review will have a combination of ships from Indian Navy as well as frontline Navies from across the globe. The ships of Indian Coast Guard and Mercantile Marine will also be participating. In this most formal of naval ceremonials, each ship dressed in full regalia will salute the President as he passes.

The President will also be reviewing the Indian Naval Air Arm in a display of spectacular fly-past by several fixed wing and rotary aircraft comprising of 15 formations. In the final stage of the review, a mobile column of warships and submarines will steam past the Presidential Yacht. This display will also showcase the latest acquisitions of the Indian Navy. Further, several enthralling waterfront activities, a display by Marine Commandos and helicopter demonstrations will be conducted to mesmerize the viewers.

The Fleet review is a ceremonial and stately inspection of the Naval Warships by the President.  The last IFR held off Mumbai in 2001, was a hugely acclaimed event. This IFR shows the promise of greater acclaim. The President will review the international fleet comprising of 75 frontline ships and submarines. Each ship will be manned by her ship’s company, dressing in white ceremonial uniforms.

Parade of Sails during the Review (file photo)
White caps will be doffed in unison in a grand salutation resounding the sound of ‘Three Jais’  symbolising the spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie across the seas. The fly-past will comprise of 15 formations of 45 aircraft including two formations from the Indian Coast Guard. The latest acquisitions of the Indian Navy such as carrier borne Strike fighter MIG 29K, Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft, P8I and the AEW helicopter KM-31 will be part of flypast.

The President’s Yacht is an indigenously built Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel, INS Sumitra will be lead the Presidential Column. The yacht will be distinguished by the Ashoka emblem on her side and flying of the President’s Standard on the Mast. The spectators will be treated with enthralling display of water front activities by sail boats, water skiing, display by Marine Commandos and helicopter demonstrations.

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