Who is Intruding Into India-Russia Relations?

Talk- supply of defence equipment, world boast of India- Russia relationship. Delhi- Moscow may sign defence deals when PM Narendra Modi visits Moscow this December. But there is a twist here. There is third element in this relationship. Pakistan is slowly intruding into the relationship. The whisper of the crack heard loud and clear when Russia made up its mind to sell arms to Pakistan Army. Should Modi needs to be cautious about Russia and Pakistan cozily warming up to each other? 

Should Prime Minister Narendra Modi Worry About Growing Russia- Pakistan Relationship?

Russia is to sell Mi-35 HindE helicopters and Su-35 fighter jets to Pakistan. Confirmed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov, Russia earlier has sent a draft contract to Islamabad for delivery of attack helicopters Mi-35M 'Hind-E' and Su-35 fighter jets. India should not only be wary of Moscow supplying weapons platforms to Pakistan but also be worried of Russian interested in a relationship with Pakistan Army. India a few years back silently watched Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani visit to Moscow ; and now Moscow overlooking Indian stance "not a single cartridge to Pakistan". 

Defying all Indian concern, In November last year, Islamabad and Moscow signed a landmark Defense Co-Operation Agreement. The agreement allows exchange of information on political and military issues, extend cooperation for promoting international security, intensify counter-terrorism and arms-control activities, strengthen military technical collaboration between both the countries. 

Lets have a look as how Russian playing game in relationship? A long supplier to India, Russia now supplies advanced fighters and choppers to Pakistan. India currently operates about 220 Russian Su-30mki out of 270 it had ordered besides operating a fleet of 300 Russian Mi-7, Mi-17, Mi-25 and a few Mi-35 helicopters in its fleet. Both Su-35 and Mi-35HindE are far advanced superior combat platforms than what Russian platforms, India currently operates. 

The weapon supply line between Moscow and Islamabad is just established. But Modi is to understand what led to the thaw of cold war ice between Russia and Pakistan? Is it because of growing proximity between India and US and growing hostility between US and Russia. Or is it increasing hostilities between China and US that forced Russia to come closer to Beijing?

Pakistan is China's all weather friend so- is it not natural for Russia to be warmer with Pakistan while it inches closer to Beijing! Let it be a secret if Modi buys Russian umbrella of S-400m Triumf Air Defence System to shield India from potential raining missiles from Dragonland until he visits Moscow. Modi is no novice but lets hopes he gets the secret read and act under the new emerging equations!
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