Should India Fear Mysterious Chinese Weapon Wu-14?

With successful testing of WU-14 Hypersonic Glide Vehicle on 9thJanuary 2014, China is capable of attacking any part of the world with nuclear weapon within one hour and India is no exception. Recently it has successfully conducted 5th test. But the moot question is should India be worried of the new development? Does India has a response to Wu-14?

Strapped on top of a DF-21 intermediate range ballistic missile, launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi province, the Wu-14 HGV was boosted high into the atmosphere. Wu-14 then traveled at hypersonic speed at 10 mach that is 12, 359 kilometer per hour. It then enters space, cruise the distance and then it glided back to Earth at hypersonic speeds leaving no time for any air defense system to scramble.

China again tested the Wu-14 HGV in August 2015 fifth time. China is also believed to be developing a hypersonic scramjet version that can be launched from air or ground.

India should fear Chinese hypersonic weapons because they are extremely fast and difficult to shoot down. Wu-14 which is now called as DF-ZF can tear American Air Defence system apart even getting a chance to react for the threat. Imagine a nuclear bomb approaching India with a speed of over 12000 kilometer per hour. Indian Air Defence is primarily based on Cruise Missile which travels at 3 mach not capable of taking on Wu-14, which can reach Bangalore in twenty minutes, and Delhi in less than ten.

China developed Wu-14 or DF-ZF with an aim to attack aircraft carriers. Since more than 70 per cent of Chinese trade route passes through Indian Ocean, China is always apprehensive about the blocking of this route. China fears that in case of any hostility, Aircraft Carriers of both India and America can pose threat to China. 

India shares a disputed border with China. Defence and strategic experts believe if there would be any war between India and China, it is going to be in Indian Ocean.  India currently operated INS Vikramaditya and Indegenous Aircraft Carrier will be ready by 2016. So India should fear of Chinese Wu-14.
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