"21st Century Is Going To Be The Century of India And China": Courtesy "Uncle Mo"

Modi And His World View: Release of Chinese version of
book authored by Tarun Vijay, chairman, India- China
Parliamentary Friendship group 
Shailesh Kumar,
New Delhi, 09 January 2016
"21st Century is going to be the century of India and China", said Dr. Jitendra Singh, Senior Cabinet Minister in Modi Government while releasing, "Modi And His World View: Mr. Tarun Vijay's book; Modi- Rise of A New Star", the first ever book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chinese language. "We had religious and cultural relations as you said, but in coming times, we will have industrial, trade relations on a large scale. Under the leadership of Modi, we will see emerging world powers- at one side India and China on the other side; The whole world will move around these two powers of Asia", Dr. Jitendra Singh replied when I pitched if India and China shared cultural and religious ties. "You know what Chinese people call him (Modi)? Chinese people call him Uncle Mo". "Uncle Mo", Le Yucheng, Chinese Ambassador to India disclosed enthralling the audience at IIC in New Delhi. Audience particularly Chinese clapped with jubilation. 

Author of the book, Tarun Vijay, is a member of Parliament and the chairman of India- China Parliamentary Friendship group. "The author is a good friend of mine. He is always responsive to my calls to him. On behalf of Chinese embassy, I would like to congratulate both the author and publisher for the launch of the book". "During his visit to China, tens of thousands of people line up on the street to welcome uncle Mo. And his Sina Wiebo, we open the account for his visit, his account set up last May already had more than 2 lakhs fans in China. His visionary legend from a tea boy to an Indian Prime Minister is closely followed in China", Ambassador Le Yucheng elaborated in his speech.

In September 2014, President of China Xi Jinping paid the successful state visit to India for the first time and also witnessed along with the Prime Minister Modi the signing of MoU for 2016 New Delhi World Book Fair. MoU was signed between the state administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China and National Book Trust of India. According to the MoU, Chinese will be guest the of honour country on 2016 New Delhi World Book Fair. 

Ma Xiofeng, a Chinese speaker during book launch 
"Today I am very pleased to be here on the releasing ceremony the biography of Prime Minister Modi on behalf of Chinese delegation. Here on behalf of the Chinese State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, I like to congratulate the Chinese version of the book Modi-Rise of A New Star", said Sun Sucheng, Vice Minister of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China.

"After becoming the Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi proposed that we should push the bilateral relations between China and India from leaping forward 'by inches' to leaping forward 'by miles' and also expand the cultural exchanges between the two countries and also bring about new driving forces for the bilateral relations of the two countries", Sun Sucheng said in his speech delivered in Chinese language.

"The publishing of this book will help the Chinese readers to know more about Prime Minister Modi’s view of the world and his ambitious vision from the perspective of his personal experiences, his social activities and political criteria in order to further know about the society, civilization and the culture of India". "The two great civilizations China and India has people to people exchanges for over two thousand years in areas including religion, culture and arts and it showcased a harmonious picture of mutually respecting each other’s civilization and sharing achievements of our civilizations", Sucheng echoed further.

"I am deeply impressed by his people oriented approach. As you know, rising from a humble beginning, Modi ji has worked for grass-root communities for a long time. He is fully aware of the feelings of the people. How dear to his heart, the well being of the people and sincerely care in particular as Chief Minister of Gujarat, he stay committed for economic development, took concrete and well reform measures and made great efforts to improve peoples’ livelihood.  We all know that the Gujarat miracle he created as Chief Minister is widely accredited", Ambassador Le Yeching was praiseworthy of PM Modi.

"… As the Government role out ambitious programs such as … Make In India, it has become a natural magnet for investment and overall cooperation. As Chinese Ambassador to India, I am more than happy to witness the upward trajectory that India is covering. Modi Ji knows the social foundation of India- China friendship and is committed in advancing India- China cooperation. He has met many Chinese delegations. Closely follows Chinese investment in India and encourages people to people exchanges", Ambassador counted positive signs in India- China growing relationship. 

"I still remember, last May during his excellent visit to China, he announce during his speech in Tsinghua University the launch of Chinese e-Visa to Chinese tourists. This book has brought a series of Chinese tourists to India. Our relations would not have come this far without his pushing up commitment and support", Le Yucheng expressed hope in his speech.

"India that has best of the universities 2000 years before the Cambridge and Oxford came into existence, our Nalanda and Taxshila Universities gave scholarship. I am thankful to China, which is giving aid to Nalanda". "India- China relationship has taken to new height under the leadership of Modi. I am thankful to Ambassador Le Yucheng under whose leadership the relation has taken to new height", Tarun Vijay, author said during the release ceremony of his book.

Chinese leadership crave for the cooperation between the publishing industries of China and India to bring about new opportunities to readers of both the countries to introduce for cultural exchanges and to promote the mutual leanings of their civilizations.

"I sincerely hope that the publishing industries of China and India will further their cooperation in future to deeply explore more Chinese cultural elements as well as India cultural resources and as well as publish more excellent books that will meet the demand of the readers of the two countries", said Sun Sucheng, Chinese Vice Minister. "I wish that the cooperation of our two publishing industries will enjoy more fruits and offer new chapters for our civilization exchanges and also make contributions for the diversification of the world civilization and culture", he added.        

Dr. Jitendra Singh on the occasion narrated some interesting stories. He said that the first thing that came to his mind was the unique phenomenon of Narendra Modi that can be described by a single sentence that he had caught the imagination of the people not only the people of India but of the entire world. "I have also been a writer of a sort. I have written a couple of books. But a publisher however noble he is would come forward to publish a book only if there are buyers readers and this means there is a huge readership for Modi in China", said Dr. Jitendra Singh, who also holds MoS PMO portfolio.

Modi And His World View: Mr Tarun Vijay's book:
Modi- Rise of A New Star, first ever book on Modi in
Chinese language was released by Dr. Jitendra Singh, MoS PMO 
"The kind of persona that we see of shri Narendra Modi ji today is off course sometimes very impressive also seems very heroic. But very of first know that it has evolved in a very natural course for example for a small aspect of him is his wearing a half sleeve kurta, which is became craze all over the world. A very few of us would know that he did not start wearing because of fashion. He did because he used to wash his clothes for himself. And therefore he found it easier to have an outfit which was half sleev both in terms of washing and when wearing it not soiling it. But because of his deeds his commitments, this too became a phenomenon". Modi And His World Views: Mr. Tarun Vijay's book; Modi- Rise of A New Star

"In his earlier days, I remember he would say that in Gujarat there is no winter but when he used to come to Delhi and would drive on a scooter, he would put newspaper sheets under his shirt to keep away the cold breeze and he would tell us that it is a very good protection like a warmer inside. So he is a man who has grown up by actually defeating  all the other adversities, hostilities, anti currents that all came his way.  And the manner he came over all these difficulties actually assumed the form of a phenomenon", Dr. Jitendra overwhelmed the audience by his narration.
"To many of the ordinary workers and karyakarta and across the party lines, even in other political parties, he infact has paved the way for an ordinary worker,karyakarta like me to fight a way into the Indian political system. Indian Political system was for a long time under the incidence of feudalistic dynasty preferences. And I always ask myself for an ordinary political worker like me who came from a village where most of the people never seen a train in their life and a letter reach after 14 days and that too the postman would carry the letter when if he has two three letters otherwise he would not all that botheration". 

"It is primarily the phenomenon of the Modi that has paved the way for those who have commitment, who have something to offer in this political system. So I think that is the contribution Mr. Modi has made to the entire democratic set up of this region. Because, this reagion is still in phase of evolving the democracy. And this is beautifully brought out in this book".

The more you get to know about Mr. Modi, the more you realize that more you ought to know Mr. Modi. To put it in the simple sentence. Because he has  gone through so much, evolved through so much and had had such a wide range of experience that for the single human being it is always not possible to go through all that and therefore the learning never ends.

"One of the very recent thing which I learned from him last year was that he has no problem with the acclimatization. So when Tarun Vijay ji was referring about his sojourn in Himalaya, he can fly from Delhi at 7 in the morning to a height of 15000 feet, go around also deliver a lecture, conduct a meeting and come back to 5000 feet and by 3 o’clock back in Delhi. Ordinarily, any one of us travelling like that would have to take a rest to get used to the altitude, Dr Jitendra Singh recounts".

"That is why when he go abroad he is looked up by even the mightiest head of the states because  when they shake hands with him, they know it is not only Modi it is somebody whom the largest democratic population of the country has almost unanimously voted him to be the head".

Dr. Jitendra Singh, who is an MP from Udhampur in J&K recounts an incident when Srinagar faced floods, "I am an early riser and had a habbit of moving out so to have a look what is happening because the entire city was in the water small little children belonging to a place which is known as Tarun Vijay ji is a old hand in Kashmir and Ladakh a place known to be a hub of secessionism, when I would move out small children would tease me because I was camping in Srinagar for a number of days and they knew that he is representative from New Delhi camping over there. So they did not know how to tease me so the best way to tease me was they would run after me they would say Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi like that. And I felt so proud actually and I told myself look here this is a place where many believes that the presence of India itself sometime causes discomfiture and here is small children little children who think the best way to tease me is to run behind me and say Modi Modi Modi. So he has become a unifying force across the country and a country like India which has diversity of culture, diversity of religions". 

"A political party here acceptable, there is not acceptable. Somebody acceptable in North not acceptable in South, some in east not in west, Modi has come a unifying cord. I think that has never become in all these 68 years of Independence. And that has actually prove the strength of India to the rest of the world", he said in his speech.

Former Ambassador to China, TCA Rangachari surprised the audience while speaking in fluent Chinese, "I want to recall to you what Prime Minister has said during his visit to China last year the 20th century will depend on what China and India do by themselves and what they do together". I think today's function organised to release his book, this is the method to promote greater understanding between the people of the two countries so that we know each other better and through that knowledge and understanding we are able to work together better for ourselves for peace in our continent and for peace in world at large".    

Ambassador Le Yucheng echoed the words of Tarun Vijay who is trying to promote friendship between the two nations that the soul of India and China must meet. "I couldn’t admit more. As major countries in Asia- Pacific and the largest developing Country, China and India has lot in common and most to offer to each other. I am of the opinion, its time to discover each other, embrace each other and learn from each other", said Chinese Ambassador Le Yucheng

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